Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gratitude and Golf

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.  ~   John Milton

This past October I won my golf league Championship. In the league for over twenty years, I had made the finals on four previous occasions finishing second all four times. The top four point gatherers during the regular season get to play for the title. We are challenged in each tournament to do our best in the hope that we will make the “final four”.  Even if you do not play golf, you will relate to my feelings if you have ever finally accomplished a difficult task after many attempts that just fell short!  I was ecstatic in the moment and have found it easier to remain fully in appreciation of my life ever since.  

Perhaps you are familiar with disciplines that advocate honoring the Universe? 
The Hawaiin  Ho'oponopono  is “ a tool for atonement, for correcting errors, erasing the effects of past actions and memories that cause havoc and grief in our lives, the lives of others and on mother nature as a whole.”     My wife has the Mantra posted on our refrigerator,  “I Am Sorry -  Please Forgive Me -   I Love You - Thank You.”  Those that practice seriously include breathing exercise and meditation. 

I Am Sorry suggests that the moment we take  responsibility  for any negative manifestation we experience or witness, we also create an opportunity for healing.

With Please Forgive Me we are acknowledging that negative thoughts  shut out and thus shield us from  all the wonderful experiences that we could have had.

I Love You generates an immediate feeling of well being.

Thank You is simply reaffirming the power of this positive vision of reality. 

The Butterfly Effect in Choas Theory suggests that the flapping of tiny wings reverberate out into the universe, grow with distance,  and can affect weather conditions across the planet.  Personally I do believe we are in a Universe of Energy and I know what I exude touches  all those around me. Surely in Employment Counseling we endeavor to lift spirits and help our clients to reinterpret their circumstances in more positive light? 

As I compose this message it is Thanksgiving Morning. Many will express words of Thanks as they sit down for their traditional feast. Soon, we will be well into the Holiday Season. The words “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All” will be expressed by multitudes. New Year’s Resolutions will be promises to do an act of self-improvement or at least something nice.  Do you have a personal gem you want to strongly manifest in the future? 

I plan to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Fortunately when the big challenges confront me and threaten my tranquility, I will be able to fall back upon my gift this year. I will still be the Golf Champion! 

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