Thursday, December 9, 2021

Lessons from History


No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history. ~ Will & Ariel Durant

I began my day with a guided meditation from the Mindful Movement, breathing and listening to words that helped me create deeper relaxation and heightened my awareness of my body in the present moment. I was encouraged to shower myself with smiles of gratitude and self-love in a process of healing. It has been decades since I first engaged in meditation, then moving forward tentatively under the impression that I did not know what I was doing. Now I know everyone is unique and there is no right or wrong way and that people reach meditative states of consciousness through many diverse forms of practice. 

I facilitated basic meditation interactive workshops numerous times at professional counseling conferences, orchestrating processes like visualizations, chanting and breathing. (Handout) I have reached the conclusion that everyone who wants to participate effectively in the labor force, can benefit from embracing wellness practices. It seems to me that we do get a better understanding by looking at our personal evolution with openminded gentleness, balancing our personal acceptance with as positive a slant as possible.

I am in the first week facilitating the  December GCDF Training. The students are getting familiar with the learning platform. They are hearing it is my job to serve their needs and that I love doing it! The current  discussions revolve around policy, technology  and the history of workforce development, as an orientation to the 12 Core CareerDevelopment Competencies we will fully explore during the next three months.  

Well into my second decade instructing, first in classroom and fully online since 2009, my journey is now is about bringing the experience to an ever evolving level of Artistry. With a cadre of other instructors that have refined their delivery over the years, we bring in the latest concepts with significant diversity of thought and share in the joy of receiving incredible appreciation for our efforts.

I give a lot of time to this endeavor because I believe practitioners and those they serve have a need to feel worthwhile and be productive. Everyone has a unique set of values, interests, aptitudes and skills and logically will be most successful doing work they truly love. When people are on a healthy path that fits who they are, they will embrace education and training, accept words from mentors, experience hope, be motivated and become empowered to explore levels of excellence. They will find and be proud of their own personal expression of engagement.  We provide services to meet the needs of career and workforce development professionals so that they can deliver services to those they serve. Is not helping people experience truly worthwhile employment at a decent rate of pay a very noble endeavor?

In addition to the group public discussions, during the first week students are introduced to their personal Blog, a place to electronically keep a diary or journal of their thoughts as they engage. Keeping track as life unfolds provides a written history that helps us understand our world, ourselves, others, change, society, and the decision making process. All of this helps us better appreciate our personal evolution. There are tools available to engage every possible learning style.  Throughout the training I will share exerts from my current online Blog, Employment Counseling for the 21st Century.

I have encountered academics spouting the belief that a scientific research resource becomes obsolete within 5 years.  I ask them if they really mean that is only possibly true when new information has “proven” that the thoughts and conclusions in the older documents are no longer accepted universally as correct knowledge. Especially today, we need to understand the past and explore sources of information and understand lateral reading. Education is gift worth opening with a critical eye, as often as possible when opportunities are presented along our path. Whatever we choose to pursue, it is just a lot more fun when we reach the higher levels of achievement and success.

This is one of the best online training courses I've ever taken. You are an amazing instructor, coach, professor. I enjoyed your wonderful stories, your experience and history. I appreciate the varies different speakers along with everyone's feedback and perspective. … I'm more seasoned in many areas. Thank you Michael for such a great opportunity for us all in this course and making this experience wonderful and memorable. ~ Treniska  Bonner 2021 GCDF Graduate